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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Beethoven's Domination

From the start my arrangements of Beethoven Marches and Bagatelles were amongst the most popular recordings on the site along with the evergreen Can Can and seasonal popularity for a few other pieces.

But since the complete recordings of all 9 symphonies were published Beethoven dominates the download profile. A lot of the interest seems to come from countries like India who appear to be more open to a fresh interpreation of Western Classical music.

This is one of the rasons why I am persisting with the Twitter campaign because it gives exposure to parts of the site which would otherwise never see the light of day. The word file containing the tweets is now up to version 13 and we are now up to a ten day cycle of 16 daily tweets. This typically generates about 17,000 tweet impressions a month. The engagement levels recorded by Twitter Analytics are surprisingly & disappointingly low but the constant flow of likes in encouraging. It would appear that rather than following the link to download the MP3 included in each tweet people go to the profile and thence to the website.

There are some arrangements waiting for that final polish before publication and the Easter holidays should provide the opportunity to get them completed and loaded on the site.

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