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Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Substantial Site Overhaul Completed

Two phase operation for site wide update completed.

In phase one links to 30 second LoFi clips and to complete HiFi MP3 file downloads were added to all the relevant pages - about 60 of them.  The clips are playable by the Yahoo! Media Player but the full files are not so they are available to save or play on the users media software once they are downloaded. This makes the 300  individual product pages pretty redundant but they are not pulling their weight from any point of view these days so we are concentrating on front of house. At the same time a new emphasis on the Donationware aspect of the site was incorporated. Several approaches have been tried and we hope that results will guide subsequent refinement. Also the video windows were increased to full size on as many pages as possible. The You Tube channel is looking pretty good so we are also starting to emphasise that.  I suspect that is responsible for much of the recent growth in keyword searches on our brand name.

Phase two involved the Search Engine Optimisation of the site. These days we use the Google Webmaster Toolkit to see what is going on.  There is a lot of noise from our iTunes Help page in the standard presentation but downloading a CSV file and editing it provided an actionable data set. The key word aspects of each page were reviewed and the best opportunities for success were emphasised. Some pages were just tidied up to reflect the new donationware status of the site while others are targeted on specific keyword combinations where we already have good or reasonable positions. Naturally we hope the donationware status will make a difference but there are so many people competing on the word free we are not holding our breath.

Just sitting back and waiting for a few days to see what effect all this has.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Clip Playing and Downloading from the main pages

Another significant (I hope) site wide update is underway.

The composer and collection pages are being update with download buttons and clip player buttons for all recordings.

Now that we have gone donation ware for our recordings there is less value in the 300 individual recording pages.  In particular they don't pay their way from an advertising revenue point of view.  But they do strengthen the overall scale and coherence of the linking structure on the site so we'll keep them until there is a problem with them.

More controversially the download links are comprised of reminders to consider making a donation. I'm not sure how this will play in SEO terms but I'm willing to try anything that might have an impact on that front. It should also be possible to test whether particular words or phrases impact on download behavior.

I've taken the UK Gift Aid link off because it was broken and I'll come back to that when our Rotary club has registered it's charitable fund and set up an online donation facility.

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