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Friday, January 07, 2011


New Year Update

Just a quick post to mark the new year.

The launch of our splendid Gamelan Ragtime recordings has passed with very little reaction if you ignore a brief surge of interest from Indonesia - we now have over 300 recordings available for sale on the site. The new pricing structure seems to have had very little impact with very few customers taking advantage of the very generous discount for second and subsequent orders.

We had the usual surge of interest over the Holidays as people tried to learn how to use their new MP3 players and iTunes. Interest in the nutcracker suite also peaked in the run up to the Holidays while things like the Danse Macabre fell back. Yet again our recording of Carol of the Bells proved to be a popular free download with about 1000 copies being taken again this year.

Partly because of the larger size of the samples offered on our more recent recordings and the automatic player on most pages the volume of sample data streamed from the site continues to grow with a few individuals apparently listening to them for hours.

The Download2MP3 brand continues to build steadily with both direct visits to the site and its emergence as a key word in Google searches.

Adsense continues to perform reasonably although some of the banner advertising that appears is a bit odd. Our ISP has been taken over but the new company is contiunuing with existing packages and seems to operate quite efficiently so no one should notice any difference there.

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