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Monday, February 09, 2009


Google Rankings Churn

Here is a blast from the past - Page rankings on Google.

Time was many of us watched anxiously for the next shift in Google's ranking formulae because of the dramatic impact they could have on our site traffic. But for some time now things have been very steady on the page rank site.

However today I noticed that music Downloads were in the top 10 volatile sites on the latest little excursion by Google.

Here are the top 10: visit visit visit
#4 visit
#5 visit
#6 visit
#7 visit
#8 visit
#9 visit
#10 vis

To see the chart got to Rank Pulse here:

(Rank Pulse have got a bit more secure on their image copyright.)

This illustrates the turbulance over the last few days. We are not seeing much back wash in our little corners but it keeps you on your toes.

Our lack of activity on the site for a long time followed by a lot of changes in a short time also seems to be having little effect on rankings and traffic but sometimes that takes a kittle longer to come through.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Player Effects

There are the some modest indications that the new players may be having some effect on the proportion of very short visits to the site which is obviously positive if it is sustained.

So we will carry on with the application on the more popular landing pages and see what we can do and perhaps we'll see if we can add one to this blog page.

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